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I-A-S- Visual Chapter
Infinitisations Series

"The appearance" suggests a potentially unfoldable presence to "infinity" which now questions the visible.

The sight ignores the retina.The "infinite powderiness" in the work is an internal experience of intensities that are accomplished without context: a kinesthetic process of absolute splinters.

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I-A-S N°2 (2020)
60 x 60 cm -unframed-
72 X 72 cm -framed-
Agglomeration of matter giving rise to the creation or growth of an element.
A rotating disc of matter formed by accretion around a massive body (black hole in space) under the influence of gravity.

The paradox of the infinite point and the paradigm of singularity take shape in the work through the hand gestures that draw trajectories on a complex geometrical-digital matrix.

The image that is revealed is composed of intense color microgranularities and traces of the presence of new extremely powerful and unknown forces.

The result of the conceptual challenge in the works is the appearance of a hairy accretion disc "loaded with animality".

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