ARTWORKS Selection 2020

These are only four of sixty unique paintings. My current work explores the space of perception, of sensory, of vision, of concept, of incarnate experience and of the feelings of the "I".

It also addresses the difficulty in defining singularity and its representation in aesthetics. I pursue the trace of singularity in search of more clarity. Singularity appears to me in the form of three shadows projected on our world:

The singularity of the being that tries to define the ontological specificity of the individual,

the singularity of black holes in the space known as gravitational singularity that questions the real continuity of the universe and space,

and finally the technological singularity that predicts the advent of an autonomous and omniscient artificial intelligence.

I strive in my art to make these concepts more intelligible and relevant to society in general. For me, art remains a crucial means to transform human thought into an edifying action for the world.

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